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Events & Photography

As a graphic designer, I cut my teeth on festivals and non-profit work. I designed a season for Ingenuity Cleveland, a popular local arts and technology festival and a few seasons for the Cleveland Asian Festival.

I gained an interest in photography while working at Forest City, where I was put in charge of the photography for many of the company's events, which were used frequently in corporate marketing. I did portraiture and real estate photography as well, but ended up finding a niche in capturing narrative snapshot moments.

Ingenuity Book

Ingenuity Cleveland

Environment & Marketing

Ingenuity signs
Ingenuityfest Shirts
Special Event & Exhibit Signage

These tall signs helped guide and inform guests as they traveled through crowded and exciting spaces.


Created for Brite Winter Fest, another popular festival of Ingenuity's making, these cards were styled after Dr. Seuss's world to explain a crazy contraption, and served as numbered tickets for its messages.

Ingenuity Festival Program Guide

This program guide was featured in Scene Magazine to advertise the festival itself and provide information on times and locations.

Event specfic T-shirts

These T-shirts were sold at the festival. Special colored versions with back labels were created for staff and volunteers to be able to differentiate them from people who bought the shirts.

Designing for the festival and a few other Ingenuity events as the only graphic designer while still a student was quite an undertaking and an excellent experience which set the tone for a career of creative problem solving and adaptability.


  • Environmental  graphic design
  • Design of all marketing collateral
  • Multi-page program guides & brochures
  • Way-finding, event, & exhibit signage


A small selection of photos