Corporate Work

Forest City Enterprises

Forest City was the premier urban placemaker in the nation and a model for innovative, sustainable commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate development. It created numerous iconic projects such as University Park at MIT, Stapleton in Denver, The Yards in D.C., and the New York Times headquarters in Times Square.

As a highly valued and integral part of their in-house agency for over 6 years, I was responsible for a wide array of design collateral for corporate branded materials, internal communications, and initiative support.

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Annual Report

Cover & Narrative Summary

Created on a limited production budget and tight typesetting turn-around, this was the last annual report the company released. I worked with a team of content producers to design a lovely narrative and cover to highlight the company's accomplishments. It was incredibly well received and was probably the best annual report the company produced.

Corporate website


Forest City was in desperate need of a new, modern corporate website. I worked with a number of teams, both internal and external to help produce an enterprise solution. This project was high profile and had many corporate stakeholders.

Over the course of the project I went from only helping here and there to stepping up into creative lead and putting on so many different hats it would make the Queen of England jealous.

Working so closely with IT was fantastic and we ended up with an outstanding product.

Forest City

Brand Overhaul

Volunteer T-shirts supporting branding

This shirt was created using a play on the company’s slogan to support its numerous philanthropic events.

Corporate ad

I produced great number of ads like this one for business magazines, newspapers, and events both large and small.

"Core values" poster

This graphic was based on an existing illustration style used in a Corporate Responsibility Report to promote the company's core values.

Email, social media, and massive digital display graphics

Graphics for huge lobby screens to help promote events, or inform employees. Email header graphics, as well as HTML email blasts, and of course, the obligatory social media graphics.

Bike parking signs

Sign concepts for outdoor bicycle parking zones for Key Tower garage.

Velosano bike jersey

Apparel design for this was a super fun change of pace using dye sublimation! They really looked great on our company riders.

After years of advocating for the presence of stronger and more modern corporate branding the company finally underwent a major brand redesign.

During this time I used this opportunity to influence the look and feel of the company identity through its new external collateral, such as corporate ads and social media imagery. I also helped shape a strong internal voice for the company to inspire its associates to become brand advocates in their own right.

This proved successful. Our employee involvement in things like events, volunteering, donations, and associate groups reached a fevered peak until the company's sale in 2018.

Forest City

Before Rebrand

"Mainstreet" The company's intranet

I created graphics and maintained and provided oversight for the company intranet, including training content owners on how to edit content on their sites.

Corporate Responsibility Report

I helped bring a voice to the statistics through interactive pdfs, "lite" print versions, and websites.

Internal logos

I made logos like this one to support business initiatives, utilities, and events.

"Community Day"

I helped drive attendance for employee events with eye catching and fun graphics.

Corporate Challenge T-shirts

I created a great number of T-shirts for the company over the years.

I was originally hired principally for small internal projects and philanthropic ads for a company with very little in the way of real branding. My role ended up growing into so much more with new responsibilities, including additional client work for the properties and photography.


  • Corporate photography
  • Design for external and internal corporate marketing
  • Design for internal communications, training, and other resources