Client Work

Case study: Retail, Real Estate, & Hospitality

I served as Graphic Designer on a lean in-house creative team for Forest City where I had the opportunity to design for a large number of commercial properties across the US. This included malls, shopping centers, apartments, science and tech parks, and office buildings.

Much of this work was handled on an individual client basis and I worked directly with the property or marketing managers, or consisted of large portfolio-wide campaigns. The markets for these properties were incredibly diverse, some being small and local, while others were upscale and trendy.

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Some of the properties I've worked with

Tenant Marketing

For Hospitality & Leasing

The Uptown

Oakland, Ca

The Uptown brand was funky, creative, and located in an emerging urban arts district. I made a number of outdoor signs for them, along with a lot of other collateral over the years, including a giant vertical outdoor banner for the side of the building.

Blossom Plaza

Los Angeles, CA

Blossom Plaza are some really cool, trendy looking apartments in the heart of LA's Chinatown. Their branding was a bit more strict than the other properties, but it was classy and always fun to work with. Pictured are some examples of their brand in use: event fliers and free drink tickets for new residents.


Boston, MA

Radian is an elegantly curved glass tower apartment building with a sophisticated, contemporary, and classic brand. A grand opening invitation and an anniversary shopping parcel are shown above.

Many, many local event fliers

Forest City &
Brookfield properties

I have created so many event fliers, it isn’t even funny. These usually required a fast turn-around and came from many different properties at a high frequency. I utilized a lot of stock assets in creative ways to create eye-catching graphics to entice residents.

Projects ranging from printed works like: flyers, posters and property signage, to HTML emails for apartments, and residential mixed-use.


  • Visual concept/design
  • Work directly with property client to address graphic needs
  • Manage those designs from concept through production
  • Ensure deliverables are created on time, accurately, and to spec
  • Handle a wide range of production intents
  • Appeal to target market for each property individually

Floor Plans

Amenity & Surface Plans


Arlington, vA

I created these highly detailed amenity plans for Origin, a new, upscale apartment building located in Ballston Quarter while the building was being built, based on blueprints, look books, and interior design plans. They were printed large and presented to attract residents and inform stakeholders.


Washington D.C.

I created these rendered floor plans for Guild, a luxury apartment building in Washington D.C.. These plans were made before construction and based on architecture/substrate plans. They were presented to attract residents and stakeholders.

Commercial Marketing

Commercial properties I've worked with

Retail Marketing

Ridge Hill

Yonkers, NY

Ridge Hill is technically a mixed-use "lifestyle center", but the bulk of my work was directly for the mall itself, which hosted a number of regular events and campaigns. These examples are of typical of the work I did for the malls: billboards, posters, and signage, along with our regular holiday and seasonal marketing campaigns, with an on-site and digital presence.

Large Split Circle Signs

Multiple Malls

Forest City's internal agency was asked to create large 5ft+ triptych circular signs to promote their "insider" program and newly upgraded public wifi. For this project I created around 15 - 20 design variations, while maintaining brand guidelines for the malls these were to be displayed in.

E-Gift card Graphics

Multiple Properties

For this project I collaborated with another designer (Holly Buck) to produce a wide sampling of e-gift card templates. They were made to the malls and featured a variety of holidays and themes for users to chose. The project included a digital marketing campaign for their websites and social media to attract more users to the e-card platform.


  • Concepting based on provided creative briefs
  • Visual design
  • Handle a wide range of production intents
  • Production of large yearly seasonal marketing campaigns