Hi! I'm Jesse, a Graphic Designer who
loves helping people & problem solving. maintains quiet, understated quality. creates collateral which communicates, educates, inspires, and informs. has a passion for strong visual storytelling & compelling brands. delivers psychologically strategic design with emotional resonance. develops attractive & practical design that is useful in the real world. wants to make you look good.

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some of my work

why choose me?

With 7+ years of creative conception and design, both in-house and freelance, I am a versatile artist with an aptitude for visual storytelling and composition, a love of typography, a healthy concern for production quality—and an eye for the details. I love collaborative projects and am able to integrate smoothly into nearly any team. That said, I also work efficiently alone as a highly capable, responsible, and independent self-starter. I’m a life-long learner who enjoys giving & receiving creative direction.


Creating graphic collateral for digital and print. I’m a well-rounded designer who adapts easily to new challenges and an expert problem solver.

I'm also a fairly friendly fella who's quiet, kind, and just generally a pleasure to have around. (Or so I've been told.)

Jesse is a true multi-tool, multi-channel talent—graphic design to illustration, print to digital. His even-keel attitude, combined with a strong work ethic and continuous improvement outlook, made him a valued collaborator and contributor to our team.
Jeff Linton
Jeff Linton
Senior Advisor, Dix & Eaton
former VP Corporate Communications,
Forest City Realty Trust

Skills & Services

Concepting Wizard

One of my favorite things
to do is riff on an idea.

General Illustration

BONUS! I'm also an illustrator!

Design with a purpose

Strategic layouts &
composition creation.

Print production

Careful attention to detail
and clean, well structured files
for commercial production.

Vector lover

Vector lover extraordinaire
for scaleable output.

Design for Web

Digital graphics and
practical knowledge
of HTML & CSS.

Jesse combines impressive technical skills with an adaptable, audience-focused mindset that created value for our organization. Our core values came to life in his work and deeply resonated with our associates.
Greg Hoener
Greg Hoener
Senior Sustainability Consultant
ERM Group

Being involved in corporate and community events as well as departmental and organizational initiatives, we had a variety of graphic design, photography, and digital needs to bring to life. All of which were amazing. Jesse always listened to what we needed to accomplish, for the type of event, audience, and goals.
Jan Jan Camerato, CMP
Jan Camerato, CMP
Executive Assistant to the Director,
The Cleveland Museum of Art

He was always a creative but messy child. Thankfully, now, he keeps his house very orderly, tidy, and clean and I can only imagine his files are the same way.
Jesse's Mom
Jesse's Mother
Biggest Fan